SECOND HAND BISCUITS DEPOSITOR: ENJOY 600 with wire cut and rotary systems for big-medium productions. Contact us for any further information!


We propose you at a very special price this second hand modular depositor with stainless steel structure, suitable for big-medium production. It’s equipped with wire cut system and rotary mould.

The depositor has a touch screen, easy to use and that allows to choose between 8 languages and to set more than 200 recipes.

Moulds and accessoires are suitable for food use, all washable also in the dishwasher. Motion device, safety stock and equipment in compliance with applied rules. Hopper capacity is 48 liters.

Suitable for the production of GLUTEN-FREE and CARBOHYDRATE-FREE PRODUCTS


-Easy to wash

-Low consumption 

-For dense and liquid doughs

Second hand depositor: Enjoy 600
Second hand depositor: Enjoy 600