Galaxy 600

Galaxy 600 is a dropping machine used in particular into small, medium and medium-large sized companies and it is able to satisfy the needs into the pastry, bakery, catering, self-service (Ho.Re.Ca.), agritourism, family productive units, biological sector and for gluten-free/low-carb dough.
It is a dropping, modular and fitted machine with an easy use, able to satisfy the needs and the productive necessities about the client.
Thanks to the inclusion of few parameters into the control panel, you can have the data about each production included and stored on it; all you have to do is selecting it through the name assigned to your recipe and the machine will work automatically. Moreover, it is possible to modify the parameters during the dosing phase without modifying the original settings about the recipe itself. This was planned because of the dough and its density that can change so, for example, the speed of the nozzles’ rotation, the speed of rollers and the conveyor belt will be increased or decreased.
Galaxy 600 is a column machine that can reach several productions into its various configurations to please also the more demanding laboratories.





Machine weight

400/800 x600mm


48 litres

Hopper capacity

220/50-60 Hz



Courses per minute


Sponge cake mould

Fixed mould width tubes

Rotary mould

Wire cut mould

Productivity test


– Moulds and accessories using material suitable for the use in foodstuffs, washable also into the dishwasher;
– Movement devices, safety support and instrumentation in conformity with current rules;
– Touch screen 7’’ with 200 programs into the storage capacity ;
– Possibility to create new programs and to modify those existing in any time;
– Available 8 languages to choose;
– Group of dosing roller by variable speed;
– The automatic, bi-directional and millimeter progress of pans, variable speed;
– Lowering table before the pre-detachment of products by the automatic regulation;
– Automatic regulation about the height position of the table;
– Suitable for the use of gluten-free and low-carb products;
– The use of pans according to the European (600x400mm) and American (660x460mm) system;
– The hopper’s capacity about 48 liters;
– The structure is in stainless steel;
– Available in 5 versions;


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